Purple Haze 30ml – soft wax for dark coloured cars


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What can we tell you about the Purple Haze mini-jar? That it’s Purple Haze but in a 30ml pot? That it should do anything from a few panels to three or four medium-sized cars? That Purple Haze is one of the best selling Dodo Juice waxes with a nice soft texture that makes it a doddle to apply? That it dresses up in women’s clothes at the weekend and gets spanked for being a naughty little wax? Well, we could do and we have. And most of it is true.

OK, we digress. Back to Purple Haze itself. What is it? Well, it’s our soft wax for dark coloured cars, created because we suspected that montan wax was wasted in shoe polish. Its oily hue and shine makes montan wax perfectly suited to darker shades of paint, so we mixed some up in the Dodo double boiler with the darkest beeswax we could find and our old friend, T1 carnauba.

Expect a 2-4% dye tint on paintwork – it won’t be that noticeable but it is there and it does darken the original finish. Metallics/pearlescents are going to enjoy the best results here. Recoating interval is a recommended 2-3 months.